The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) usually refers to interconnected sensors, controllers, and other devices networked together in an industrial setting. This connectivity allows for remote access and monitoring, but more importantly, it allows for data acquisition and collection, exchange and analysis of different data sources.

Industrial IoT has enormous potential and benefits for improving productivity, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. IIoT solutions are characterised by their low cost and fast implementation. 

What we offer

Industrial ‘things’

 Internet-enabled devices like PLCs, IPCs, Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), robots, vision cameras and sensors.


Connecting ’things’ to the internet via 4G/cellular, Wi-Fi or ethernet connections.


Data, and how it is collected, stored and processed using edge devices, is central to the value of IIoT.

A cloud platform

 Key to IIoT is a centralised and secure cloud platform for hosting the data and enabling remote services

Analytics dashboard ­

For analysing data and monitoring machines.

Intelligence and action

The collected data must be analysed by either humans or smart functions to send out alarms or triggers to any other system.

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