Tobivo-Health Care Solutions

There’s nothing more important than ensuring that the people in need of medical assistance or extra care get the attention that they deserve. We at Nordic Systems Engineering (AB) in association with Tobivo Solutions (AB) went above and beyond to come up with a solution that helps these people provide much needed feedback to improve the current system as it stands.


What is WeCare

As it stands, most feedback these days is taken through either verbal means or written forms and digitising this process opens up the opportunity to get a wider range of feedback on regular intervals and also opens up new doors for our target audience to provide suggestions and even complaints that can be taken to the relevant people without having to pass through multiple hands.


What is EasyCare

With technology collaboration and innovation we can connect people and information like never before and provide direction to improve more and helps to shape national policy.
Connecting people and information like never before.
Together we will boldly transform healthcare and enhance the overall healthcare of communities for years to come.
Because at the end of the day, what matters is you.

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